Advertising on e-tickets

Placement of advertising on the e-ticket to the exhibition

Visitors can register online at the official website of EXPOCENTRE AO. Registration is opened 3 months before the exhibition opening and is closed on the last day of the exhibition.

The last step of the registration process is to print out an e-ticket that allows visiting the exhibition. E-tickets can contain advertising in case advertising spaces are available.

  • The cost of advertising placed on e-tickets depends on the expected number of exhibition visitors.
  • Sizes of advertising space on an e-ticket:
    • type 1: 94 x 94 mm, 1 advertising space
    • type 2: 94 x 46 mm, 2 advertising spaces
    • type 3: 94 x 31 mm, 3 advertising spaces
    • type 4: 46 x 46 mm, 4 advertising spaces
  • Advertising shall be submitted in .png format.
  • Advertising has to be easy readable when printed in black and white.
  • No direct invitations to visit the customers stands shall be accepted as advertising.

This option is available only to the sponsors and partners of the exhibition.